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Carticulum Vitae

a short video CV

Q: What should a CV look like in the creative sector?
A: Anything you can imagine!

No, it’s not a spelling mistake, it’s a little word play I couldn’t resist. After all the point of this video is to give you a sense of my style and potential for collaboration.

This is an early exploration of 2D ‘paper-doll’ animation, created frame-by-frame in Krita. It was followed up by a project with a more serious tone, adapted from a screen play after lockdown prevented filming: The Space Between. Even keeping things as simple as I did, this project used hundreds of individual assets across various software.

Although animation is presented here within the scope of AV production and media consulting more broadly, it is an aspect of my practice I would welcome the opportunity to develop further.

Going back to the idea of CVs, I think it’s safe to say that both employers. employees and freelancers are all pretty sick of them. So while my approach may fall foul of some systems that read them automatically I’m going to gamble that my audience are the people who prefer their experience to be more personal.

this is the ‘boring’ static version

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