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palpable relief - she floats!

Launch Day

anchors away!

There were times I was convinced this day would never come. 

There was industrial grade anxiety, sleepless nights and tears – but she didn’t sink!!

The original plan had been to sail (or more likely cruise, since we don’t know how to sail yet) around the wash and in through Boston to get onto the Trent. Things in Norfolk however, move with all the haste of an environmental bill in parliament. Before we were able to get into the water, some of our canal links had been closed for winter works, so she had to go by road.

the first, and 101st night

Not sinking was the win we were looking for, and I’ll take it! Half an hour after I put the camera down, the coolant gasket went and that was it for the engine for a few months. Cranfleet was fortunately very lovely and so were the people! This was actually a wonderful introduction to boat life and the quality of people you meet. I still have more interactions with my temporary neighbours there than I have ever had with my neighbours around a house or flat.

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