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Lockdown Lawbreakers

Roles: Documentary Producer, Second Editor, Sound Designer, Graphic Designer

We’ve all seen coverage of the tabloid delinquents throwing hot-tub parties in the middle of a pandemic, but the voice of the media has drowned out that of the lockdown lawbreakers who are forced to take this risk in order to survive.

We will hear insights from the people whose livelihoods have been really affected by COVID-19 and the lack of support they’ve received from the same government that has labelled them as selfish criminals. 

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  1. ben

    Lockdown Lawbreakers has been selected for the Lift-Off Sessions June 2021, which now live to the public and accepting votes!

    Tickets are now available for purchase by the public, via programme on their website:

    The link below is the direct checkout page for programme one:


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