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In the course of my work with Hope Animal Rescue Centre, an opportunity arose to take part in an adoption event called West End Woofs.

The deadline was only a couple of days and my source material phone snaps because of limited access to the animals. With some careful editing, tasteful movement, screen graphics and original music, by the time I recorded the voice-over this had become an effective look at the recent work of the charity.

We need to show why the work of small charities is important, so thanks to Broadway Cares for coordinating this event and directing people to these amazing folk in their own communities! Hope is one of many amazing animal rescue charities around the UK (and the world!) finding forever homes for animals in need. The video closes with a personal twist on the well-known phrase: a pet is for life, not just for Christmas.

Gomez and Pumpkin have been adopted from HARC. They’ve had a bit of a tough start in life but things are looking up for all of us!

What’s your adoption story?

#AdoptDontShop #NotJustForChristmas

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