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Showreels 2022

Music & Sound Design

These are films released in 2022 that I have audio credits on.

‘My Favourite Artist’ Directed by Eugene Kogut
Credits: Composer, music producer, camera operator.
Watch the film here

‘Exclusive Interview with the Chief of Jong Camp: A Mockumentary’
Directed by Kendra Chan
Credits: Music contributions x2
Watch the film here

‘Growing Guilt’
Directed by Ashley Mander
Credits: Original music, sound design, Foley (except cat noises and voices)
Watch the film here

‘Girl With a Suitcase’
Directed by Ben Cook
Audio elements: Sound design, Foley
Watch the film here

Camera Operator

As a camera operator, I have been building experience using a range of camera body types.
Featured in this reel are the DJI Osmo+, a 4k gimbal camera for portable ‘steadicam’ style work; the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema 6k, one of my all-time favourite cameras to work with, and a faithful Canon 2000D chosen -mainly for the Sigma 70-105mm lens it can hold. The observant may have noticed that the Pocket Cinema will also hold that lens but timing is everything!

Work is taken from the following films:

Growing Guilt (2022), directed by Ashley Mander

My Favourite Artist (2022), directed by Eugene Kogut

Girl With a Suitcase (2022), directed by Ben Cook

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