What do I actually do?

  • Sound Design
  • Music Production
  • Video Production
  • Content & Distribution Strategy
  • Media Consulting (including digital marketing and brand management)
  • Copy, design and other media services

What’s in a (domain) name?

When I was a young music student I enjoyed a certain notoriety, although to this day I have no idea why.

I do know is that tales of my exploits were often met with the reaction: ‘What, THE Ben Cook?’
For some time I toyed with the question as a title for a solo album that may or may not ever happen, but the irony of the prefix for such a common name continues to tickle me, as well as the mystery of my infamy!

Why you should hire me

It’s really about you:

Do you need creative assets?
Do you need a complete digital strategy?
Do you just need to get your staff up to speed with the technology you want to use?

I’m a versatile creative and a quick study. Also a lifelong learner and currently adding to my competencies as an undergraduate in media production at NTU. My informal and empathetic attitude is geared towards helping my clients find an authentic voice and be able to express it.

What’s your story?

As a media professional, my life revolves around compelling stories, which is why I gravitate towards ethical and aspirational projects. The experience I get from every project helps to inform the next one, so when you ask me to help tell your story, you know it will have the depth and character that it deserves.

A warm welcome

Misfits, progressive thinkers, neuro-diverse, charities; anyone who wants to make the world better or who just wants to make sure ‘that’ voice gets heard. Working with people who are passionate about what they do inspires me.

In that spirit, if I got the code right, you should also be reading this in the awesome OpenDyslexic font. This is not an official endorsement, just paying respect to a valuable project to help keep it free, stylish and easy for everyone to read.

Some differences you might notice

Although I have trained in its use and keep up to date with the conventions, I don’t really engage with persuasive technologies for my own mental health. The few social media links you will see here might include platforms I am trialling based on their chronological and ad-free feeds or media-servers that save my bandwidth, and of course LinkedIn for your convenience.

You will occasionally see political commentary and social justice issues in my personal blog without apology, but I welcome positive debate.

I live and work from a small off-grid boat on the River Trent with two gloriously naughty cats.