Interview Information

Thank you for inviting me to join you at interview for your Digital Designer position! This page contains examples of my work that I think will be pertinent to the process.

Video Production

The most succinct introduction to my work so far:

My latest showreel introduces a range of skills on different projects in a super cut style that is under 90 seconds!

A short documentary for Nottingham Refugee Week:

This 12 minute film introduces the festival through its various events and interview that help to contextualise it.

Social Media:

This is a demo brand clip designed for Huddersfield SU to use on TikTok.


This is a short procedural video for East Midlands Ambulance Service, for use on their internal training system.

Visual Design

Brand package: this document introduces new imagery for a local engineering firm, guidelines for the use of the images and a broader look at how the brand might be presented.

The following document explains the process that created this guide.

My most detailed project to date was a package I put together for a local animal rescue charity, Happy Beginnings. This involved creating a complete digital identity, website and training with a suite of tools to help them continue to manage on their own. A full report on the project can be seen here:

Audio Design

As well as video production, digital and print design, I have experience in creating audio products. This includes standalone podcasts, sound design for film and original music.

This 7 minute podcast is a science fiction drama:

This is a longer, more serious podcast about someone who had to fight for over 20 years for the right to remain and work in the country after fleeing their own:

Working In Teams

I have experience working with lots of different kinds of people. I try to do so conscientiously and compassionately while working to high production standards.

You can read what people have said about working with me through this websites testimonial page:

You can also see recent feedback that has been published to my LinkedIn profile:

Thanks again for seeing me, I sincerely hope that we get to work together on some of your exciting upcoming projects!

~ Ben