Welcome, Simon & Tom!

I’ve set up this landing page to give you a quick tour of some specifically relevant parts of my portfolio but of course, feel welcome to browse!

Who am I?

There’s a full write up here but the TL/DR is that I’m a pirate about to graduate from NTU as a mature student of multimedia production, adding to 20 years in music and education. On top of that, in my commitment to lifelong learning, I recently completed the Google certification in digital marketing and started getting to grips with a few animation workflows.

Creative, passionate, warm and quirky.
My passion for storytelling is likely obvious, but I also find it rewarding to release my work into the wild for clients, knowing that they will be able to get the most out of it even if I have to coach them myself!

Gone – A Journey in 10 Shots

The brief for this short film was to describe a journey using only 10 static shots. We chose to break away from the obvious, creating this emotional journey about grief. The sound design and shots are carefully composed to get inside the emotional space without using clumsy and superfluous dialogue. This was filmed with a Panasonic AG AC90 and produced in Adobe CC.

Water Justice – Explainer Video

Taking on the style typical of corporate explainers littered around LinkedIn and so on, this 60 second spot uses stock footage to look at the issue of fresh water supplies.

The trickiest part of this was a matter of taste. I wanted to flex my creative muscles and show people what I could do in DaVinci Resolve (as well as GIMP and Reaper). I’ve been training myself in Resolve and so far I think it blows Adobe suite out of the water!

Down The Wire – Audio Fiction

As well as video editing, I have discovered a real passion for Foley and sound design. This sci-fi short was written, directed and produced by me while coaxing contributions from reticent young students struggling to cope with the national lockdown. This was completed using both Adobe Audition and Reaper, the latter being a strong personal preference.

What am I like to work with?

Some of my former clients and colleagues have been kind enough to share their thoughts. For someone uncomfortable with trumpet blowing (except in the literal sense) this is a more authentic take on things.


I appreciate the time you’ve taken to consider working with me, and I hope you think there could be chemistry!

Your feedback is also very welcome.